Nicole Telkes

Weedcrafting: Sustainable and Safe Foraging

As many of us relearn our wild plant medicines, and teach others how to find them and connect with nature, we become stewards and must also protect wild plants. Weedcrafting is a redefinition of WIldcrafting. Weedcrafting is the harvesting of plant material from wild and waste spaces that helps support the native ecosystem and promotes diversity. Weedcrafting a type of wild gardening that looks at the ecology of a place as well as the species of interest and takes into account that the earth cannot sustain unconscious foraging in our wildlands. Weedcrafting is about not only tuning into the wild in yourself, but also looking past our cities at the wildness and weediness making medicinal offerings to us in the most unlikely of places.

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October 7th • 5m PDT/8pm EDT

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