Free Online Summit October 1st-7th, 2014

Discover Dozens of Empowering Strategies for Generating Free Electricity, Implementing Permaculture Principles, Water Collection and Purification, Living-Off-Grid, Becoming More Self-Reliant, Dressing Wounds, Being Prepared for any Disaster - Global Pandemic -or- Survival Situation,  Living Sustainably, Natural Dentistry, Homesteading, The 5 Most Important Healing Herbs to Have on Hand at All Times and Much More During this 7 Day Free Online Summit with More than a Dozen Leading Experts in Self Reliance, Survival and

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With World Renowned speakers such as: Mike Adams from Natural News, Marjory Wildcraft from Grow Your Own Groceries, Best Selling Author of When Tech Fails Matthew Stein, Jill Winger from the Prairie Homestead, Power and Electricity Expert Steven Harris, Gerald Celente from Trends Research, Master Herbal Medic Doug Simons, Laurie Neverman from Common Sense Home, The Duke of Permaculture Paul Wheaton, David Christopher from School of Natural Healing, Daniel Shrigley from the TV Show Survival Trek Escape, Scott Hunt from Practical Preppers, and Sam Coffman from the Human Path... this event will give you the leading edge when it comes to self-reliance, survival and sustainable living.  And it's ALL FREE!!!

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