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Co-Creating a Sustainable World

Sometimes the journey towards sustainability and self-reliance can seem overwhelming. It can be challenging to know the right things to do to create a better planet for yourself and your family. And it can be challenging to see corporations taking advantage of marketing techniques like calling their products "sustainable"...

However, a truly self-reliant and interdependent and sustainable world where we develop our skillsets of sufficiency and provide real value to the world is possible!

What the corporations and media outlets forget to realize is that the power of the people is much more connected and strong than they ever thoughts imaginable, and that more and more people are taking back that power by doing things like starting communities, changing social systems, growing their own food, making their own clothes, supporting their local economies, and much more!

Many people around the world are joining forces to develop the next level of human experience here on planet earth and realizing the need to work together for a better future rather than fight against one another.

With The Self Reliance Digital Video Package, you’ll get insider access to the most empowering, creative and uplifting experts who are blazing the way toward a a self-reliant, interdependent, and sustainable future.

Additionally, these wisdom-keepers are sharing their practical skills, personal wisdom, and uplifting stories so you, too, can be empowered to elevate your self-reliant lifestyle, your local community, and our amazing planet we all call home.

And right now, you have the opportunity to receive unlimited lifetime access to world renowned experts and luminaries who are offering us all an empowering sense of possibility, real solutions and skills for living sustainably on this planet.

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Bonus #1

The Best of 2014-2015 Self Reliance Summit Audio Recordings and Transcripts!  (5) Audio Downloads and Transcript Downloads

  • Audio + Transcript #1 - Water: What to do if the Tap Runs Dry - with Scott Hunt
  • Audio + Transcript #2 -Emergency Herbal Medicine Storage - with David Christopher
  • Audio + Transcript #3 -Weedcrafting: Sustainable and Safe Foraging - with Nicole Telkes
  • Audio + Transcript #4 -The intersection of self-respect and well-being - with Gerald Celente
  • Audio + Transcript #5 -Emergency Home Power. More Electricity than you need in a Disaster - with Steven Harris

Bonus #2

A Successful Long-Term Permaculture Farm

Permaculture Farm Video with Don Tipping

You'll discover what a 15+ year permaculture farm looks like and you'll learn many actual permaculture principles in place thriving successfully on this farm.

Bonus #3

Top 25 Herbs to Have On Hand for Any Disaster Scenario

Downloadable PDF from Sam Coffman

Learn about the top 25 herbs to have on hand for any self-reliance, disaster, or emergency scenario

Bonus #4

Common Sense Homesteading 101 Ebook

Downloadable PDF Ebook from Laurie Neverman

7 Steps to Become More Self-Reliant Now Downloadable Ebook

A Powerful New Realm of Unlimited Possibility

The world renowned speakers in The Self Reliance Digital Video Collection will show you how it’s possible to live in harmony with nature while providing for yourself and your family with a new sense of hope, connection, and possibility!

You’ll discover the practical steps and essential tools to empower yourself as global change agent, bringing innovative solutions to your community.

And most importantly, with our unique gathering of thought leaders (presenting all together in this series only) — you’ll discover newfound hope and ignite your passion toward fulfilling your highest potential in harmony with the planet.

Video Sessions Include:

  • Mick Dodge - The Art of Dodging and the Secret of IT

  • Maryam Henein - Secret Life of Bees/ CCD Then And Now

  • Brad DeRosia - From Rockstar to Bee Keeper, Our Homestead Journey

  • Marjory Wildcraft - Interview With The Most Dangerous Woman In America

  • Gabriel Cousens - Peace With the Ecology

  • Shayna Gladstone - Realizing our Oneness with Nature

  • Sacha Stone - How to Become Politically and Socially Free

  • Sam Coffman - Sustainable Medicine and the Human Community

  • Paul Wheaton - Hugelkultur and Permaculture Food Systems

  • Laurie Neverman - The Permaculture Revolution

  • Justin Rhodes - The 20 hour business to fund your farm

  • Mike Adams - BREAKTHROUGH-How to grow your own tax-free food and medicine without using electricity or soil

  • Paul Lenda - Creating a Localized & Regenerative Society

  • Jason Matyas - Understanding the Modern Grid and the how to Reduce Dependence on it

  • Rachel Morrison - Interdependence and Self-Reliance; Living in Sustainable Community

  • Steven Harris - Self Reliance Preparedness - Everything You Need to Know About Batteries and More

With This Empowering Tool-Kit You Will Discover:

  • Practical steps and solutions for living more self-reliant
  • Simple and easy to understand how-to information for living more sustainably
  • Powerful herbs for healing the entire immune system from dis-ease
  • Ways to take action in your local community to create more resilience
  • Inspired wisdom for engaging in your life's purpose and having more passion in life
  • How to grow your own food sustainably
  • Permaculture principles and practices for making life much easier
  • Engaging stories of failure and success from those who are doing incredible things in the world
  • And so much more!

With guidance from the world renowned experts featured in The Self Reliance Digital Video Set, you’ll come away from these sessions deeply inspired, transformed — and part of the solution.

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